Wednesday, December 3, 2008

25 days of Freebies?!?! Merry Christmas!

So, I had a small mishap with my computer. For some reason that I am still unsure of, all my bookmarks/feeds for Firefox disappeared. Gone.
When I'd open the program up they were nowhere to be found. Everything was blank.

I. Was. A. Mess.

All my links to the digi-scrapping blogs were gone. Family blogs. Gone. Everything.


But then I realized that I had Mozy on my computer. Now this may be a shameless plug, since my hubby works for mozy. But I had backed all my bookmarks up with it. So I did a virtual restore. After some searching via the search function and including hidden folders, I found my restore, and now I'm back up and running.

Seriously, Mozy saved my sanity.

Now, moving along.

The Cluttered Table/Brownie Scraps is doing 25 days of Christmas. No lie. 25 freebies.


I have been lacking on my feeds, so I have quite a few that need looking at, and I'm sure there are several blog trains for the upcoming stay posted, but while you're at it, head over to The Cluttered Table/Brownie Scraps and start picking up some stuff. She's already on day 3 {duh} and so don't get behind!

And if you have Firefox, get the live feed reader, that way you can stay on top of her blog, and mine!

Have a great day! :}

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