Friday, December 26, 2008

Howdy Everyone

I'm just poppin' in from my comfy chair while it DUMPS snow outside.

If we shoveled the drive we may be able to get stuck on the street. It's horrible! And I wanted DH to go hit the 50% off sale at mens warehouse! :D

Well I found some freebies for me, thought I'd share. I've also got some layouts that I'll be putting up later today. :D

{images are clickable}

Farrah's got some freebies! make sure you give her some thanks and happy birthday love!

This one is from Kim B:

I hope your Christmas was fabulous!
I leave for Florida in 3 days. I have tons to do for hubby as he's going to be home with both our beautiful children while I'm gone {for TEN days! What was I thinking?!} But I haven't seen my best friend in 3 years, and she's having her first child, so I guess it evens out. lol
So if I'm not around till after the new year,

Happy new year!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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