Monday, December 8, 2008

My paper cards

About a month ago my mom called me with a request for some of my handmade scrap cards. She works at a hospital where there are nuns and they were doing a fundraiser.

I was more than happy to. Only she gave me a few days to complete the project.

I remember saying I'd post pictures of what I did, but I've realized that I never did, since I'm having a computer issue at the moment, I thought I'd show these off.

Just so you know, I LOVE doing cards for family and friends for their birthdays and such. I've done some really great ones, and some that just didn't look fabulous, but were nice.

I think some of the following are in both categories. :} Please excuse the bad picture quality, I had my phone handy, and that's what I took them with :}


This is the box I made for all the cards to go in. :}

Also, does anyone know how I put a signature at the bottom? I've seen several blogs with their name as a graphic on every post....just wondering if it's a signature function or if you have to do it every time.


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