Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Challenge?

So I took up a challenge this year.

Yup. Me.

It's over at Faith Sisters.

They are doing 26 weeks of designs with the center being around God and His Holy Name. His attributes if you will.

So....January 4th our first challenge was given to us.

The study? Holy.

Here are a couple things I've done for the book this far. I've designed it to be a 6x6 book that I will print up and use for study. :) I'm pretty excited actually.
I like the idea of spending all year studying out of His word, and learning more about God. I love that if I miss a week, I'm not going to stress, but I have two weeks to get my layout done.

This is my cover page.
Paper: A Formal Affair by Trixie Scraps
Font: satisfaction
Alpha: Peta Boardman Designs
Paper and Flower: Edward by Ellie Lash

This is my description page.
Paper & Flowers: Edward by Ellie Lash
Fonts: 2Peas Blessings
Cross: Farrah's Creations

This is my Challenge 1
Font: 2Peas Blessings
Kit: Falling For You by Scraps by Andrea
My verses: Psalms 77:13 and Leviticus 11:44

So if you're interested, click HERE, to take up on the challenge! Don't forget to post your work in the gallery! I love looking at all the great layouts that people are doing! Oh, and a lot of ladies are doing paper scrapping for this! :)

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