Friday, January 30, 2009

So tonight was a speed scrap at Digital Candy.
And can I just tell you that is a fun friendly community of scrappers?!?
I really like it over there.

This one was quite challenging to get it done in the hour. But at least we had 2 hours! lol One for instruction/chat, the other for doing the challenge!

1. Choose five papers (1 striped, 1 solid, 1 large graphic print and 2 of your choice).
Choose one of these papers to be the background

2. Choose 2 photos and turn them Black&White. One photo will be the focal photo and the other will be a smaller compliment. Place the focal photo in the middle of the page and the complimentary photo to the left, overlapping the focal photo

3. using your striped paper create a border strip and place to the right of your focal photo.

4. Using your graphic and solid papers, create mats for your photos. Make sure the focal photo mat is large enough that you can add some journaling later on and with your remaining paper create a paper strip to add to your layout.

5. Add some stitching and a piece of ribbon to your page and add whatever other embellishments you would like

6. Create your Title in the lower left hand corner of your page.

7. Add at least 2 sentences of journing to your photo mat. Add your drop shadows, make
final adjustments, and upload to the gallery before 12 midnight EST

Kit: Birthday Bash Blog Train
green stripe and brown solid paper: Phat Ellie Designs
Stars paper: The Scrapping Tree
blue with wiggle lines paper: SpinkyDink Scraps
string: Princess Kate Designs
alpha: Colleen's Scraps
Stitching: For the Girls kit by Trixie Scraps
Date Strip: Loreta Labarca Designs
Font: DayDreamer

The next one that will be held will be done by Trixie Scraps! I'm super excited! I just hope it's as late. Makes it easier for me! *hint* lol ((((Tracy))))

Enjoy your weekend!

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Simply Sarah said...

Your layout was great. Thanks for joining in on all the fun!!!

If you like the speed scraps, I keep an updated list on my blog of where they are each week....