Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Daytime Speed Scrap!

Today Tracy did her first (?) daytime speed scrap at Digital Candy.
I had a blast! :) I also was trying out PSE for the first time! It's a great program, but man do I STILL have a lot to learn :) I'm excited tho.

So here were her instructions:

12:00 Choose 1 photo - turn it Black and White

12:10 Choose 4 papers - choose one to be your background paper, and the other three will be accents

12:20 From two of your accent papers, cut 12" long border strips (you can choose whatever width you'd like)

12:30 From the third accent paper, cut a 12" strip with a decorative edge of some sort (scallop, wavy, pinked, etc)

12:40 Align your two straight strips next to each other on one edge of your paper and then overlap your decorative strip.

12:50 Line your photo up against the edge of your photo strips and then add a cluster of embellishments to the bottom corner of the photo opposite your border strips. You must cluster at least five different elements.

1:00 Add your title using an alpha. Add a couple lines of journaling, too! Save and upload your page by 2pm, then link me up in the forum!

Here is what I came up with:

Kit: Tenation by Pouyou
Flower: Carrie Stephens
Alpha: Ellie Lash

Now, it's not the best I've done by far. BUT, I need to learn more about the shadows (it was a last minute OMG I cannot figure it out moment. Thanks Tracy!) And well, the shadows look pixilated a bit. :P I'm a perfectionist. lol

But I was able to get Trixie's newest kit "Sarah's Song" just for playing! (image linked to store location)

I love prizes! :)

Thanks Tracy for a great speed scrap! :) I cannot wait till March 3rd for the next one! :)

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