Sunday, February 1, 2009

Late night freebie.

So what did you guys think of the superbowl? Congrats to the Steelers for winning! And good job Cardinals for trying so hard!

Did anyone catch the new Transformers trailer? Dave and I are kindof geeks. To the point that we have large autobots stickers on each side of our car. It's a new Scion xB. So it looks good ;)

/geek moment.

I am loving the colors of this kit! I guess it was the Digital Candy's Creative Team Challenge kit, and they did a fabulous job with it. You can view their entries HERE.

You can click the image to go to Jessica's blog where the download is :)

Well, have a good week everyone! I'm off to do some scrapping! :)

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Tracy Anderson said...

Yeah - Go Steelers!! :)
And yes, we saw the trailer for the new Transformers movie and we're stoked about it, too.... though, I draw the line at stickers on my car ;)

Now, for the kit you downloaded, just wanted to correct your impression on that one. Twice a month, the designers at DC take turns issuing a "challenge" to the CT. We make a mini kit and the CT gets to play with it and then we pick our favorite layout... its just like an extra little perk for the DC CT. I guess once the CT challenge is over, the designer can then pass on the freebie mini or put it in her store, if she likes. So, that is how you came to be in possession of that cute little kit from Jessica! :)