Thursday, April 9, 2009

Slumber Party!!!

Have you ever had just a girls only slumber party where you sat up and gabbed all night? I had several growing up, and I'd go home dog tired, but it was so worth it. Probably up until a few months before I got married I'd have a slumber party or just stay over at a friends house....although at that age, I don't think we really called them slumber parties.

But Trixie Scraps newest kit makes me wish I'd have some now! lol Her new kit has some of the cutest elements to play with, including little girls! I'm in no rush for my daughter to grow up, but I'm thinking a slumber party would be fun soon!!!

You can pick this up TODAY in her store here.

Here are some layouts that OTHERS have done with the kit:  

By Jen

By Gail

In other quick news: as you can probably imagine no fixed computer yet. I'm starting to loose hope. But it is in the hands of my dad now, and he *thinks* there might be a fix.....we just have to find out what that is. What a nightmare this has turned out to be. We need the original startup disk that came with the computer, and well, we just don't have it. So we're running out of options......So I wait. And I sob. And I have massive withdrawl, but my house is coming together.

Oh, and one last thing: you can follow me on twitter now: @breeze80

Hope you all are well and enjoying scrapping! :)

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