Monday, June 15, 2009

Holy drop the ball batman.

Wow, I totally forgot to post the new kits on saturday!!! :(

First up is the boy kit I was teasing about called Me and My Teddy! It's a collab by Trixie Scraps and simply.scraps It's super cute and fun to play with! I love it! :) {You may be seeing my blog done up in it soon, I love it THAT much!}
You can pick it up at either Scrap Matters or Inspiration Lane!

The second is a birthday kit by simply.scraps called "I'll cry if I want to". It's a fun birthday kit, but can be used for other things as well! :) It's available exclusively at Inspiration Lane.

Stitching: Melanie Ann Designs
Alpha: Flergs

Ok, hopefully next saturday I'll be more on the ball! Sheesh! :P

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