Thursday, September 10, 2009

Speed Scrappin'

I've been a speed scrappin' mama the last week. I've done 5 layouts! 2 of wich I did tonight ;)

A couple of these I already showed off, but I'll post them again for the heck of it. :)

(for credits, the images are clickable)

The first one I did at Gotta Pixel on Tuesday the 8th:

Then these ones are from a newer site called Digital Scrapbooking Mania. Neat set of girls. And they are doing DAILY speed scraps. Yes. Every day. Different times. You can check out their schedule HERE.

Monday 7th

The last one was at Ginger Scraps and they do DAILY speed scraps as well. :) Yup. It's awesome! Their schedule is HERE
Monday 7th

And the two from tonight I used Ellie Lash kits. Did you all know that she's RETIRING?! OMG. I love her stuff. So I went a spent some $$ on a few of her kits. :) I couldn't help it. They were ones I'd been eyeballing for quite some time. She's currently got a daily download going on her blog. :)

Ok, enough from me! Have a great weekend! Tomorrow we spend the day with my Princess who is turning 5!!!! EEEEPP!


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