Monday, February 21, 2011

Musical Monday: Mahna Mahna

I'm wandering around Winco last week, and my son was getting super fussy and done with all the grocery shopping we were doing.
{This was my 2nd stop after all}
In a fit of desperation, I started singing this song.
It got instant smiles, and participation from my son.
So we kept wandering around the store bouncing this off of eachother.
Just as I'm grabbing the milk, this random guy comes up and asks my son if he knew what the song was called.
My son is 3.
He proceeded to tell us, once we said no.
And now I cannot remember it for the life of me.
But, we still start singing this when things get a little crazy around the house.
So without further adieu, here it is to get stuck in your head!

1 comment:

Miss Angie said...

Love love love and miss the Muppet show! Awesome song! Makes me miss being a kid! haha!

Thanks for participating girly!