Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wishful Wednesday!

Today is Wishful Wednesday!
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Today my baby boy turns 4.

My princess meeting her baby brother monkey.
He's 4 days old here.

He was born 5 weeks early.
5 pounds 9 ounces.
Thank goodness he was a bigger baby than Princess was.

I was at home alone when my water broke.
Princess was at preschool.
I drove myself to the hospital that was 10 minutes away.
I got in trouble from my mom's and hubby.
I was not going to wait for a ride.
I dilate fast.
I wanted a c-section, not a home birth.

He was the reason I know that a uterus can and will bruise when pushed against with tiny toes for weeks.
He sat at a 90 degree angle with his feet straight out.
Later he'd push against me and hubby while we co-slept.
For 10 months.

He's also the reason that I would never want to get molars again.
The kid screamed for days.
It sounded like I was torturing him.
Poor monkey!

Now, he'll scream for days if you don't feed him pizza.
Or if you interrupt.
He loves to snuggle first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
He has the funniest facial expressions when he's telling you a story.
Those expressions also let me know if he's serious or just joking.
Thank goodness.
I'd be forever in the dog house for not understanding how to respond.

If you have a cool car or a motorcycle, he will be your best friend.
He takes after both his parents.
I'm not surprised.
We love cars.

I just wish he wasn't growing up so fast.
It makes me sniffle.
A lot.

I love you buddy!
Happy birthday!

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Adrienne said...

LOVE this sweetness!! He sounds like a great kid! They do grow up first is getting married this year ~ time will do what it does. We don't have to like it, but can soak up all the love we can along the way!

Adrienne said...

Sorry - missed that we were linking in the comments. Here's my wish for this week:


mamatigerj said...

Happy Birthday to you little guy!

Of course it's all okay;) They do grow, and so does our love for them.
My oldest will be 21 this weekend.

I found you from Adrienne's blog, and I decide to join the fun. My post is here:

meghan said...

I can't believe he's FOUR years old already!! I remember when you guys were in Vegas and he was in diapers!! Crazy, crazy! He's adorable now :)