Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wishful Wednesday!

We've been spending a lot of time outside lately.
I'm loving it.
I feel like I haven't been outdoors in ages, and so having this opportunity has been amazing.
I've been taking the kids to different parks the last few days.

We are there for at least 2 hours.
If not longer.
I'm trying to change it up and go to a different park everyday.
It's going well.

Then I realize it's August.
Fall will be here soon.
Unpredictable weather.
The park days will have to come to an end.

Can we just have the beautiful mornings with the sweet breeze last until at least October?
I think we'll keep park jumping until school starts in 2 weeks.
Even then, we'll still do it on days where the monkey doesn't have preschool.
On the weekends.
After dinner.
I want to relish in these last few moments of summer.

Man it flew by fast.
I just WISH summer would last all year long.


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Adrienne said...

So many amazing memories of parks with my kids....we lived in Paris when they were little and through elementary summers and after school ~ whenever the weather allowed, that's wehre you'd find us! One of the neighborhood parks!

Here's my wish for today:

Miss Angie said...

Hmm, none of the pics are working... they all look like giant robot eyes or something...