Saturday, September 24, 2011


This week I've felt very overwhelmed.
I'm realizing I've put a LOT on my plate, but that I'm not excellent with time management skills.

Being a mom & wife
Maintaining a home

All of those come with their own responsibilities, and honestly, I'm a bit burnt out.

For example, I'm blogging at 10:40pm.
I've been on Pinterest for the last hour.
I *WANT* to sew the 15 coffee cozies I've cut out, 2 weeks ago.
I *WANT* to digi scrap a few pages that really need to be done.
I *NEED* to do the laundry that waits for me in the hallway.
I *HAVE* to clear all the photos off my phone so I can start from scratch.
I *HAVE* to prep the blog post for tomorrow morning for another blog.

I want to cry.
I'm so overwhelmed.
It's my own stinking fault.

This week has been really rough in my house.
Hopefully it gets better.

I guess I'll do what I have & need to do.
I'll save the wants for another day.



Beth said...

*hugs* Everyone gets overwhelmed, sweetie, so first off: Take a deep breath. Let it out. Don't blame yourself or think you're inadequate or whatever for getting overwhelmed. Know that you're not alone, and nobody is superwoman.

What I've found helps is to make a spreadsheet or list of your time, and what an average day is. For example:
6:45am- Wake up
7:00am- Take shower
This will help you break down where your time is going each day, and that will enable you to see where you can squeeze in 20 minutes here and there for sewing, scrapping, a phone call with a friend, etc. It's never a solidly regimented thing, but if you chip away a little at a time, and forgive yourself, you'll start getting everything done and being happier with it, too.

Holly said...

Sorry you're feeling overwhelmed. :( I agree with Beth about making a helps you keep track of your time.
Hope tomorrow is better!

Adrienne said...

Oh, I'm sorry - I hate this feeling! I'm a list maker...which helps some. Wish I'd learn to sleep a bit more when I was younger - think I burned the candle at both ends too much...And it took me way to long in life to learn to say no. So, all that....or, go get a pedicure and read a people magazine or two!!