Monday, February 25, 2013

Primal Recipes from around the Web

As I mentioned last week, I have been working on going "Primal". This is not a diet for me, this is a lifestyle change. The health of myself, my husband, and my kids depend on it. As Maria said in "The Art of Healthy Eating: Savory" you can either pay the doctor or the farmer. I'd like to pay the farmer if I can help it!

So I thought I would post some of the recipes I've found around the Internet that I've fallen in love with. I do have to substitute in some of them. Best judgement practices here people.

Simple, easy, and RICH. I enjoyed the blended flavors, and it tasted like a dessert more than something healthy. It is a bit pricey to make, but they were worth it. 

In season, this is a treat! We served it by itself on a day where we had had a late lunch. It would pair well with chicken either on the side or in it. I wish I could get Pomegranate year round without the added expense. They are seriously amazing fruits!

This was honestly the first thing I tried to make. I like them! My kids have to be in the right mood for them. Don't expect amazing pancake texture, you won't find that here. I did try them once with adding a bit of coconut flour to the mix. They did rise more. I think I will be trying the batter with this idea this week.

Super simple here folks! Just remember to grease your muffin tin. I didn't do that as I thought the bacon would handle it. Errr....Wrong. Just grease them. And don't expect yours to look like hers. Mine never come out like that.

This was amazing. We are all big ice cream people in this house. This was quick, healthy, and tasted great! I may add some more honey next time to give my son that added sweetness he wants. I did frozen strawberries AND cranberries. I've even got frozen banana. Ya know the ones, they are almost down for the count, and you either throw them out or make bread? I peel, slice, and freeze them. BAM!

I made this last week and my husband sang it's praises! My kids ate it ALL. It was the first meal in weeks that I felt successful! This is definitely on my list for a couple weeks from now.

I have a sweet tooth. Baked chocolaty goodness calls my name around 8pm nightly. So when I ran across this recipe, I had to give it a try. The texture is almost identical to a boxed variety, and they are rich and sticky. They hit the spot with a glass of milk. It does have coconut sugar in it, which is going to raise insulin levels, but it's better than refined sugar by a mile.

As you can see, I've tried a LOT of different things with success. I've also tried a LOT of things that either I hated something about it, or I hated it all together. Primal eating is definitely trial and error. Like I said in my last post, it's also not something I've got down consistently either. 

If you want to see more recipes, I do have a Primal board on Pinterest!

Have a great week!


Loretta E. said...

Hi! I'm really glad you like my Almond Joy Larabars! I gotta make those again and soon!

Miss Angie said...

Those all sound really good!