Monday, April 22, 2013

Remodeling our coat closet

So almost a year ago, we bought our first house!
We love it a lot, but of course, there were things that drove me crazy.
Our coat closet being one of them.

It's your standard coat closet. Minimal function, zero aesthetic. 
Additionally, it was right behind the front door, when the door was open. Those accordion doors were horrible to try to manage as others were coming in.
It had to go.

So Dave and I spent a few months throwing out ideas, including but not limited to moving it all together and expanding my laundry closet.....
Then I ran across this image on Pinterest.

I fell in love. So much so, that I started looking for hooks immediately!
I fell in love with these hooks from House of Antique Hardware.

So I started saving.
When we had the funds for the hooks, I gave Dave the green light.
This was in January.
He started by taking everything out {of course}

My laundry closet was a disaster.
So was my kitchen.

This is a very important and high functioning area of our home.

Next we went with paint.
We wanted something dark to hide dirt.
I'm a realist. I have kids, with muddy boots, and wet coats.
Dark was a necessity.

Next we put in the boards for the hooks to mount to.
We went with a black "drunk octopus" hook on the bottom.
Just your standard double hook from Lowe's.

And finally, it was done!
We snagged the blue roller cart from Ikea. It has holes in the shelves so that the water from the kids boots hits the rug on the floor. 
The top shelf we use for gloves, hats, and the like.

It honestly is the best thing! We took off the door too. At first that was temporary, but we love the ease of getting into the closet that we don't want to put it back on!


Holly said...

Looks great!

Whitney Jones said...

This looks great!! Many people are so afraid of losing their door on a closet, but I'm all for it! It definitely looks a lot more functional!