Saturday, February 27, 2016

Abandoned- Week 8

Guys, this week was hard for me!!!
I knew what I wanted to take, but I didn't think I could get my idea to come across.
I think I did okay.
We were working with bracketing, which is a fantastic technique, and I'm pretty sure I will be using it much more often.
I'm loving how I'm learning more about my camera, Light Room, AND Photoshop!

So here is the image I submitted for class.
I played around with it in Light Room after I messed with it in Photoshop.
{Even though my metadata says otherwise. I forgot to edit it after I messed with the photo some more. Darn brain.}

I used the auto white balance in LR, and it gave it a warmer feeling.

Here is the as shot white balance.
I'm surprised by how "blue" it is.

Other photos and edits:

This one was second up to be submitted. 
I really really love the look of the peeling paint, garbage, and dead leaves. 
I had actually taken the photo through the fence.
My camera was on my tripod, but I was only using 2 legs of it.
While editing this, my images were not lined up, so I had to fiddle with the editing quite a bit to get them to line up and then make the edge disappear.
I'm pretty darn proud of the editing here.
But since it was such a heavy edit, I decided it wasn't acceptable to submit for my assignment.

I hated the fence in the background, so I used my darker image to allow it to blend.
The garbage and weeds at the feet really spoke to me as being "abandoned" but I didn't want them to take center stage.

I really messed around with this photo.
It has such a heaven like glow to it.

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