Monday, November 10, 2008

Freebie Overload at Sunshine Studio Scraps

You think I'm kidding.

Sunshine Studio Scraps currently is doing a "Mission" and they are offering up freebies.

Tons and tons of freebies. So far Mission 1 is my fav, as they used all the same colors, but came up with very different kits!

Mission 2 they had to picture that inspired them and create a kit out of it! I'd have loved to see the pictures that caused the inspiration!

They are on Mission 3 at the moment. :} Monochromatic colored kits. Some are very very pretty.

So here's the catch, you have to become a member of their forums.

To find the kits go to Gallery.

One more thing, they currently are doing a kit for Wonder Week. {I'm too new to understand what that is specifically, but all I know is there is a freebie involved}

Go to Forums>News Stand>Sunshine Wonder Week Monthly Layout Contest

The link is in the first post. :} There will be 4 links total.

Happy hunting!

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