Saturday, February 14, 2009

Today is the day!

Jump on board everyone! Today is the day that Trixie Scraps and her Creative Team are starting a 14 day train! :) It's awesome! And it's all to show off this great kit: Hearts Abound! Which, For the record, is ON SALE between now and the end of the month for 20% off! How awesome is that?!?!

You'll want to start over at our Conductor's blog: Trixie Scraps! :)

Everyday for the rest of the month we'll be giving away awesome Quickpage hold on tight! It's gonna be a blast!
At the end of our 2 week giveaway, you'll have a 14 page book! :) How great is that?!?!

Do you like my new look? I had a lot of fun creating it from the new kit, and I thought it'd help show it off a bit more :) I think I look fabulous! And it adds zero inches to my waist line! :) HOORAY! :)

And lastly, don't forget, Show some love! Every single one of us went to a lot of work for this, especially Tracy (trixie scraps). So just a thank you is perfect (and polite!!)

Thanks everyone! :)

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