Friday, May 8, 2009

The ending of a Chapter

Ok, I've been pretty quiet, but I'm pretty irked at the moment.

Due to one person's choice of being a pirate and stealing things to use in her kits, she has taken down an entire site. Just by association.

Am I kidding? No.

Digital Candy has decided to close it's doors. Up until the 15th of May you can purchase your little heart out, and then after that your downloads are available till May 31st. (MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP YOUR STUFF USING MOZY!!!)

I'm a little pissed off. All the exclusive designers now have no place to go. Trixie Scraps is included in that bunch. Yesterday was a ball of emotions and well, I'm not one to just lie down in it.

So today is the beginning of a new road for many designers. To find a new place to sell.

But in the meantime, there are some AWESOME sales going on over at Digital Candy.

***40% off the entire Stolen Moments shoppe... Or, buy the entire store for just $25!
(Discount shown at checkout, does not apply to Buy My Store purchases)

***You can buy Wimpy Chompers entire shop for $30 (does not include any Collabs)

I'll continue to post sales as I see them come in for the Exclusive Designers, as they really could use the help until they find a new shop.

My heart goes out to you girls!

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