Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hi, my name is Bree and I'm recovering from a massive iNSD hangover. {you think I'm kidding?}

I think I was in denial after the first weekend in May. I lost all sight of digi-scrap and just went into a "coping" mode. iNSD was awesome!! But I got burnt out, just like I knew I would. I did have an awesome chance ON iNSD {May 1st} to meet some fellow Trixie Scraps Stars! We went to Cafe Rio here in Salt Lake and then did a mini photo shoot after. We had such a good time! :)

Using Trixie Scraps & Steel City Scraps recent kit: Viva la Vino :)

Eventually, I started snapping out of my funk/hangover/coping mode.
I started scrapping.
and I forgot to blog. :/
So, I'm going to swamp you with layouts I've done this month.
Like them? Want the complete credits for them? Click the layout. :) I put general credits here, but most the grab bags have been broken up by now, and so if you'd like to know what I used, clicking the layout is your best bet :)

Also, I joined Ellie Lash's Creative Team this April!!! To say that I am elated is an understatement. Thanks to Tracy {Trixie Scraps} for putting in a good word for me! :D For those of you that have been following my blog for a long time, you know that I love me some Ellie Lash, and that her retirement sent me into a shopping frenzy. lol So I was excited when she started designing again. The funniest part was that I was NOT looking to add another team to my list. But who turns down Ellie? I mean REALLY?! lol

So without further adiu, what I've been up to for the last 7 weeks! :) {and yes, I'm behind on P365 layouts!}

Cops & Robbers by Trixie Scraps and Melissa Bennett

Ladybug Hotel by Ellie Lash

Retro Spring by Armina Designs and A+ Designs

Monsters by Ellie Lash & Star Struck Templates vol. 3 Melissa by Trixie Scraps

Star Struck Templates vol. 3 by Trixie Scraps and Girls Day out by Trixie Scraps

Gone Camping by Kristin Cronin-Barrow {a new fav designer}

Goodnight Moon by AnnaBV Designs

Berry Beauty by Trixie Scraps

EZ Elegance by Erica Zane

Whale of a good time by Connie Prince

Motherly Days P365 Grab Bag by Trixie Scraps

Ladybug by Steel City Scraps

Through the Week templates vol. 3 By Trixie Scraps and Modern Art Collab from OScraps

We are Family Grab Bag by LitaBells Designs

Oh Happy Day by Connie Prince

2010 iNSD Grab Bag by Trixie Scraps & Maytemplatepalooza by Connie Prince & Bella Gypsy

Love Without End Grab Bag by Connie Prince

2010 iNSD Grab Bag by Trixie Scraps

Loopty Loo Grab Bag by Connie Prince

Mmm....Milk and Cookies by Connnie Prince

Duck Duck Goose by Connie Prince and Bella Gypsy

Puddle Jumper by Connie Prince

Chick Magnet by Connie Prince and Star Struck Templates vol. 2 Beth by Trixie Scraps

Sunday Afternoon by Trixie Scraps and Sarah Bennett

Sunday Afternoon by Trixie Scraps and Sarah Bennett

And if you're still with me, I'm going to give you another bit of info. Trixie Scraps Stars STILL are doing a daily download!! All the links are currently active and ready for you to download! So if you've missed ANY or ALL of it, you still can snag it! But you have to hurry! The links come down on June 3rd, and the kit will be put into Trixie Scraps store on June 4th! :) So make it snappy! :)

I hope you all have a great day! :)

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Mom to J & J said...

really great layouts - thanks for sharing!