Friday, February 25, 2011

Dear So & So

I had a lot of fun with this last week! So here we are again! :)

Dear new blog header,
I really like you and your fun playful swirls. Thanks for coming together so quickly!
Love, Your blogging buddy

Dear The Soup Kitchen,
I love love love your cream of tomato soup.
I wish I could eat it every day with a provolone grilled cheese.
But I think my hips would start to hate you.
So we'll have to be only occasional friends, mmmkay?
Love, Provolone Only Girl

Dear Hubby,
It's a week down to moving day.
I'm so darn excited!
Please forgive me if I get a bit onery.
It's only because I'm stressed.
I love you.

Dear Brain,
Please work properly and remember words!
The mouth.

Dear Son,
I know you are 3.
And you're having a hard time wrapping your brain around the move.
This is the only home you've known.
I'm sorry we have to uproot you.
Please quit throwing tantrums.
Please listen to me.
And please please please quit trying to take out your sister!
Love Always, Mommy

Dear Scion,
Thank you for taking care of my car.
Silly little sensor.
I really liked the rental you gave us though.
Even if it wasn't a Toyota or a Scion.
Thanks again. I'm happy to have Obsidian back.
Your Faithful Consumer

Dear Readers,
Thanks for reading my little ramblings.
I like when you come to visit.
I only got one vote last week for a flavor for my giveaway....
Blueberry? Apple Butter? Watermelon?
Love, Bree

Dear So and So...


instant student said...

Good luck with the move! Moving is SO stressful and last time I moved had just a few boxes and bought all the furniture, so that was a lot easier than what you are facing now...

(and thank you for the good wishes :) )

Mellodee said...

Hi! I'm on a "Dear So and So" Ramble. A move with two little ones doesn't sound like it would be fun. But maybe you're moving somewhere exciting or fun; then it will be worth it! Good luck!! :)

Megan Writes said...

We just moved ourselves, and it was very stressful! I hope it goes smoothly for you; we don't have kids yet, so I'm sure that complicates the process!

I like your header! Butterflies rock :)

Thanks for the comment on my post! Look forward to continue reading your blog :)