Saturday, March 5, 2011

How OBSESSED are we with Facebook?

Thanks LungsoftheOcean for posting this where I could find it!

I am one of the 48% of people, ages 18-34, that check Facebook when I wake up.
Well, I was until last week.
It's not easy.
It REALLY is an addiction.
Not a healthy one.
I think the only healthy addiction is Jesus.

The stats here are amazing.

While you're reading this, my hubby and I, along with MANY a fantastic friends, are moving my house.
Goodness, I'm ready to be done.
I cannot wait to be in and unpacking.
To make life "normal" again.
To feel like I'm not insane.
To eat Alex's fried chicken on Sunday night.
I won't lie, I'm pretty excited about that one.
Alex is an awesome chef.
Doubly excited that we get to hang out with 4 of our favorite people too.

God is awesome.
He is blessing us TONS through all of this.

Have a great Saturday!

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