Friday, April 29, 2011

I dreamed of being a princess

When I was younger, about the time that Princess Diana split from Prince Charles, I realized that Prince William was roughly my age.

And that I wanted to be a princess.
Not just any princess, but Prince William's Princess.

Foolish and unlikely?
Without a doubt, yes.

As I got older {and smarter} I knew this would NEVER IN A GAZILLION YEARS happen.
I knew it from the moment I thought it.
But I liked to say it'd happen.

Now, I'm so very glad it didn't.

I adore my awesome, amazing husband and our two beautiful babies.
I'm much too relaxed to deal with the madness of royal get togethers and business.
Much less all the time spent in front of cameras.
I'm a klutz and not well versed.
I'd bring sadness to the Royal Family.

Source: Getty Images

So today, I say cheers to the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
Kate Middleton is a beautiful woman, who has taken all of this publicity head on, and I tip my forehead hat to her.

Source: Getty Images/CNN

{what IS IT about those hats? Seriously, I don't get it.}

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Cecilia said...

I liked you post, so funny :) Specially the hats part... I have no idea why so they wear those things!

I also was kind of in love with Prince William when I was a child, he was really cute :D

Nice to find your blog, I'm following you now!