Thursday, April 7, 2011


I'm {overly} sentimental.
I cry for silly reasons.
I hold on to things to remember moments gone by.

I come by it honestly.
The women before me have done the same.
Movie Stubs.
Fun trinkets of the past.
Things we just love because it's awesome.
Old clothes in hopes of one day fitting into them again.

Then I read this article: Letting Go of Sentimental Items.
It has rocked my world.

I've been trying to purge because of moving into a smaller place.
I'm having a hard time parting with STUFF that's been sitting in storage totes for years.
The furniture and some of the things were easy.

That blog post got me thinking.
A lot.

Maybe I don't need my T-shirts from high school and junior high.

I don't need that plastic coffee mug one of my sorority sisters put my name on.
{and I don't remember who either! sorry!}

I don't need every outfit that my children wore in their first year of life.
And every year after.

I love those clothes I used to wear...but I will never fit in them again!
Some of them are so worn anyways that I wouldn't want to!

I have all the memories I could possibly want!
I have TONS of photographs if I need a reminder.

But this purging is going to take hundreds of baby steps.
It's going to take a lot of time and a lot of mental preparation.

And it's going to take many trips to Good Will to give it all away.

But that's okay.

Because I am not my stuff.
My memories are not going to disappear if the stuff does.

Thank goodness.

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Miss Angie said...

I have a love/hate relationship with de-cluttering and purging. I do it every time I move, but there are still a couple of totes that I never use the stuff in, yet somehow hold onto it like I'll need it again... I think I'll go home and re-think that stuff. Thank you!

Lee said...

I have a hard time letting go of stuff too. I still have a stack of old t-shirts that I'm going to sew, but I DON'T sew. It's tough.