Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 10: Menu Plan Monday

I'm well!
My father in law rode up his Harley this past weekend so I've been busy!
He rode 12 hours.
In the rain.
He's a brave {crazy} man!
But we had a a good time, unfortunately, I didn't stick to our menu plan or my healthy eating either.

I didn't even go jogging.
I did go Thursday and Friday however.
With the kids even!
They are riding their bikes with me while I jog, and it's a wonderful way for us all to get some exercise in!
I also went jogging today, without the kids.
Which is almost just as lovely.
And a lot less stressful.

For dinners this week we are throwing in some tried and true recipes.
Along with a few new recipes, which is always nice and balanced.

Tonight we're having pizza with my mother in law :)
Chicken Bruchetta with rice and veggies
Friday: Date Night! We have the kids. Probably pizza or mac & cheese.
BBQ Meatloaf with sweet potatoes and salad
Crock Pot Chicken Stroganoff

Breakfast is a bit difficult for me, as it's full of processed foods typically.

Yogurt with fruit and granola
Smoothies with flax seed
Eggs with bell peppers and cheese
Pancakes, bacon and fruit

I don't like to cook for lunch, so we usually end up with some variety of sandwiches.

Grilled cheese or quesadillas
Peanut butter & honey/apple butter
Macaroni & Cheese with turkey hotdogs
Left overs

I linked up this with with Organization Junkie! Where you can view hundreds of menu plans each week!

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