Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 6: 10 Summer Don'ts

I live in beautiful, DRY & HOT Utah.
Summers here are horrible come about August.
The heat will kill you.
It is a desert after all.
Yes, really.

Every summer I do some things that I probably shouldn't.
So in hopes of not repeating those things, I'm writing them down.
A couple of them I added because they go along with my 21 days to a change.

1. DON'T stay out more than an hour without sunscreen. You are not 17 anymore. You DO actually burn. {man I miss just tanning instantly!}
2. DON'T let the sweat on the back of your neck happen. Use scrunchies or bobby pins for your hair.
3. NO, you cannot wear jeans while outside. You must wear shorts or skirts. It's too darn hot!!
4. DO NOT attempt to go anywhere without sunglasses. You'll go blind.
5. DO NOT suffer from the heat. When all else fails go to the mountains or the pool.
6. DON'T forget to drink water. Then drink more than you think you need.
7. DON'T stay inside 24/7. The kids want to be outside. Please refer to the other DON'Ts above to have a good time.
8. If your belly shows, and it's not a swimsuit, it is a DON'T. {even if it is a swimsuit, it is a don't. At least for me.}
9. DON'T forget to work out EARLY in the morning.
10. DON'T forget to go camping, LOTS.

This post was brought to you by Mama Kat and her Thursday Writer's Workshop!

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Miss Angie said...

Great tips!

Ixy said...

I like the "you'll go blind" - haha!