Thursday, May 12, 2011

.:The Marshmallow:.

Let me tell you about my first car.

Not my parent's car I got to drive in high school.
Yes, I was LUCKY to drive that car.
It was a 1984 Pontiac Firebird with an 8 cylinder engine.
Much like this one, except in grey.
It was such a nice car.
I cried the day dad sold it.
Yes really mom.

MY first car I owned was my Dodge Neon.
My "Marshmallow" as I so fondly called it.
It was white with grey bumpers.
Not many of those ones out there.
I knew that if I wrecked it, it'd squish like one.

But man did I love it.
I got a STEAL of a deal on it.
Do you remember those commercials???
LOVE the "Hi."

It was a '95.
with like 20k miles on it when I bought the thing in '98.
I was 18 and working 40 hours per week.
Man oh man, it was a good deal!

I drove it EVERYWHERE.
I didn't care what my friends and I were doing, I was driving.
I loved to drive!
I took it on several road trips.
California, Montana, Idaho.

The Marshmallow survived until 2002.
It had over 100,000 miles on it.

Just as I predicted, when you get in a wreck, it smooshes.
Especially the front end.

The radiator was at a 45 degree angle when I got out of the car.
I was fine.
Even though I was not wearing my seat belt.

{Did you all hear my mom just yell at me through the computer?
I'm pretty sure I did.}

I'd hydroplaned into the woman in front of me.
I was 22.
I had no kids yet.
Hadn't even met my husband.
The wreck made her 6 year old puke.
Her Mercury wasn't even damaged.

My heart broke.
I loved MY car.
I was going to have it forever.

Sadly, I'd also just paid it off 2 months before.
I'd put a new engine in it after a belt blew and the pistons destroyed the engine the year before.
I was still paying my dad back for that!

I did get my money's worth from the insurance company.

Some days, I still miss my Neon.

Rest in peace dear Marshmallow.

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Miss Angie said...

LOL! Cute little ode to your first car. I love my little white Honda, but it now has 220,000 miles on it.