Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dear Pinterest....

If you are already on Pinterest, and you follow ME, you know that I'm in love.
I have found so many things that I want to do.
That I will do.
And that I absolutely love.
Hundreds of images.
Which is why I love it.

some of my boards

It's perfect for meal planning.
I pin a new recipe to try later, and while I'm doing my menu, I search images.

It's fantastic for inspiration.
I have a sewing/craft board and a digi scrap board.

I'm all over it.

But some people "don't get it".
Or are not sure how to use it.

So what is Pinterest?
They best way to explain it is that it's visual bookmarking.
It bookmarks images, so that you can find it later.
So you remember what that bookmark is.
And it's all on the internet so when your computer crashes, you don't loose your bookmarks.

So I wanted to give you a few tips on what to use it for.

When you sign up/in for the first time, you'll have boards that are already created for you.
But don't get stuck in those boxes.
Like to read/learn about living green?
Create a board.
You have this dire urge to find pictures of homes so that you can constantly do yours again and again?
Create a board.
You love dogs and want their cute little mugs where you can see them daily.
Create a board.

You get the idea.

So how do you get the images bookmarked?

Find your favorite spot to get the info and images, then pin an image.

I do recommend downloading their "Pin It" button for your browser.
Makes your pinning so much easier.
I really don't know how to do it any other way.

But also don't forget to start following others.
Import your email addresses.
Link to Facebook and Twitter.
This will add people to follow to your list.

Sometimes, you just want to look at all the beautifulness.
When you're logged in, you will typically be thrown on your landing page, where you can see everything that your friends are pinning.
If you select "Everything" on the top left, it will show you EVERYTHING everyone else is Pinning.
Some of my most favorite finds come from the Everything button.

So is it social networking?
Yes and no.
I have several {real life} friends using Pinterest.
One is planning a wedding using ideas via Pinterest.
I've used several ideas for a wedding I'm helping with {that's in 10 days!} from Pinterest.
We talk about Pinterest all the time.
"Did you see...."
"I added you to a board so that you can help me with...."
and so on.
It comes up in conversations.
You can write on other peoples profiles but there isn't a TON of social interaction.
You see what they like.
They see what you like.
It's all about being visually stimulated into a coma of loveliness.

So there you have it.

Here are a few other articles about Pinterest you might find enjoyable:

Young House Love {if you don't read their blog, you should!}

So mom, are you ready for your invite now? I know you'll love it.

I was not paid or perk'd to give this review of Pinterest.
In fact I was asked by my mom to give it.
She's awesome like that.

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Miss Angie said...

I recently have decided I love this site, and your little explanation pointed me to knew ways to use it! Thanks!