Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Electronic Devices

I live in a "computer geek" home.
We have our Android phones.
Android tablet.
We have our Wii that streams Netflix.
A great television.
And an old iPhone.

My kids are SURROUNDED by electronics all day long.
I only had tv growing up.

Sometimes {like now} I'm on my phone or my laptop.
My kids play in their room, and are usually pretty good.
I'll sometimes put a movie or Netflix on for an hour or two, so that they can be entertained while I have some self proclaimed "ME" time.
Or I'll let them play on the iPhone or with the Wii.

All of these decisions end in disaster.

You think I'm kidding.

For some reason, it causes my children's attitudes to go into the toilet.
I'm not letting them play anything that shows disrespect to adults.
I'm not letting them watch television that shows kids throwing tantrums.
But the outcome is always the same.
When my kids are asked to "turn it off" and come help out with something, that they normally help out with, I end up with a tantrum the size of my house.
The only way to get them to come off of this ornery high, is to make them take a nap.
I get that kids are supposed to throw tantrums.
But these are not normal tantrums.
They are epic, ear shattering, and Earth ending.
I'm afraid of what my neighbors upstairs/next/behind us think.

So I try to avoid my kids using these gadgets.
But, man, is it hard!!
Especially right now, when I want to avoid the heat of the day, but their toys are getting "boring".
They have nothing to do.
They are in my face a lot.

How do you guys do it?
Do you limit time, or avoid it all together?
Do you have this same problem as me?
Do yours require snacks for the entire time they sit in front of the tube?
How on Earth am I going to survive my summer with sanity in tact?

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Miss Angie said...

Maybe research some awesome projects for kids that you can sit them down at the kitchen table with? There's got to be something they can do on their own so you can get some me time.

I'm a big fan of NAPS! lol, when I have kids they're taking naps until they're old enough to drive! haha

Teachinfourth said...

I think you're awesome for doing this at all.

AWESOME I say...

Her are a few ideas on the poster I use for my class that might work for you:

mssharealot said...

I have observed the exact same thing about the gadgets in our house! They are the first things I take away when there is misbehavior.

I don't know the ages of your kids, but for those in my house, 11, 8, 7, and 5, sticker mosaics are quiet and occupy lots of their time and require almost no supervision!

Good Luck!