Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Recuperation & Butterflies

Who knew that a busy girls weekend would take it out of me.
I did not expect it at all.
I really was planning on posting an update for butterflies today.
I didn't take photos of them Saturday through Monday.
So you get today's picture only.

But you can see the difference between them on Friday and today.
It's amazing to me!!!!
They are getting sooo big!
To actually be able to notice their legs and see them moving around more is fantastic!!

As for this weekend, we had a BLAST!
Saturday night was camping and then a hike on Sunday morning up to Donut Falls.
Excellent hike, if you're ever in the Big Cottonwood Canyon area of Salt Lake City, I would totally recommend it!
It's about an hour round trip if you don't stay at the top too long.
But you'll want to.
So plan on 90 minutes.

Then Sunday was a cocktail birthday party for one of my friends.
We all were "dressed to impress" and had fancy drinks.
Another wonderful {busy} day.

So you can understand how I just crashed yesterday.
Blogging did not get done.
Dishes did not get done.
Dinner did not get done.
I was wasted.
The kids and I watched movies all afternoon.

I'd totally repeat this weekend in a heartbeat!

Gotta go finish working on wedding details!
See you tomorrow for my Wishful Wednesday post!

1 comment:

Adrienne said...

love girls away weekends (especially when scrapbooking is involved!)

such a growth spurt in four days!