Friday, July 15, 2011

Butterflies: Day 7

Hi everyone!
I know you've been waiting for an update on the caterpillars we inherited almost a week ago!

Today is day 7!
I cannot believe how fast some of them are growing!

Day 4: you can see the caterpillar in the hole on the leaf.
They are eating just enough of it to clear the hole, but leave a thin layer to keep them there.
It's amazing!

Day 5: Same leaf, I'm assuming same caterpillar, different day.

Day 6: I changed out the leaves last night, so they could have some fresher food.
These are my biggest ones.
Jar A.

Day 7: This morning I woke up and the leaf in Jar C had started to mold.
I was shocked.
Those caterpillars are my smaller ones to begin with.
So I moved them in with Jar A.
I hope I don't regret that.
We went to the park to get new leaves, and I let the kids play at the playground.
I realized once I got home, I had forgotten the leaves.
The kids refused to return to the park.
It's so hot out!
I'm just waiting for them to get cooled down and we'll head back over.
Makes me so mad that I forgot them!!!

Other than that small setback, I feel it's going well.
This has been a lot of fun to watch them grow.

Lesson learned however: change out the leaves daily, whether it needs it or not!

I'm heading out this weekend to go camping!
It's a girls only trip, and it's only for one night, but man am I excited!
I don't plan on setting up any posts over this weekend.
So I'll see you all Monday!


Adrienne said...

This is so cool ~ I don't ever remember watching this process! Have fun camping. We haven't been at all this summer ~ my husband's preparing for a huge exam (two more weeks!) so we've been laying low. Fingers crossed we'll make it to the woods in August!

Miss Angie said...

This is cool! :)