Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Simple Things

Man oh man.
I love the simple things in life.

Like the night last week when I wandered into the kids room, and they were sleeping so soundly.
But I knew that the small pile of toys next to my sons bed was telling me that he stayed up longer than he should have.

This pile is so him right now.
He needs those cars to play with all the time.
The book is showing his growing love of Superman.
The bear....he still needs a snuggly to feel safe.
I love that bear.

That's Cookie Monster underneath Baby Bear.
I'm sure the two were wrestling to see who got to stay in bed with the boy.
Neither won.
The boy is wiggly.
I fix his blanket 5 times a night.

My daughter shows independence by sleeping at the bottom of the bed.
It makes me laugh all the time.
She fights me if I ask her to sleep the other way.
I don't mind really.
It's cute.

That is her bear Roxie behind her.
They are best friends.
Roxie is usually dressed as a Disney Princess.
She usually has roller skates on.

I love how the simple things in life make them happy.
In turn it makes me happy.

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Adrienne said...

Such sweetness (my kids are 24 and 21) ... I cherished every minute of every glimpse into their worlds that I got. There's no question that these simple things color our lives beautifully!

I wrote about Yellow and linked up with mama kat too!

Miss Angie said...

Ahh, that is adorable! Seriously adorable! Both of them.

I've been sleep the wrong way in the bed these days, but it's because that's where the fan is and it's freaking hot! lol