Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wishful Wednesday!

Hi everyone!
I'm finally done with all things wedding.
It was amazing, and I'll update probably on Friday.
Lets just say, I partied like a rock star.
It was awesome!

Moving along.
Today is Wishful Wednesday!
If you want to play along, please feel free!
Here is my first post with more info!

This week, I'm wishing for more time.
And a housekeeper.
Maybe just a house!
I have many dreams and wishes.
We'll get there, we just have to quit having setbacks.

Since we don't have a house, and I fail to have anything on Pinterest that resembles time, I'll show you some of my favorite images and inspiration for a home that we'd like to own some day.
{here is my HOUSE pinboard if you want to look closer}

I love the idea of concrete counter tops, but it goes to a new level with a concrete sink!

My grandmother has one of the originals of these in pink.
I love it.
But I'd love a turquoise one too.
Even if it is a reproduction.

I could see my mom doing this, and RAWKING it.
Maybe from the trees in the backyard?
Or instead of those horribly hot lights over the island?
She loves when I shout out to her.
This pin was totally for her benefit.
Moving along.


Double genius.

We are social people.
One of the must haves when buying is the potential to have an amazing backyard entertaining area.
Anything else will not be considered.
We have such high expectations of a house when we are able to buy, we'll probably just have to build.

So there is some of my inspiration for when we can *FINALLY* buy a house.
2 years hopefully.
We've been saying that for 7 years.
Hopefully this time we're actually right.

Have a fantastic Wednesday!
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Miss Angie said...

LOVING all of that.

yn0t said...
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Gregory Strike said...

Lots of cool stuff to look forward to! :)

Adrienne said...

We're using mis-matched tea cups and china for my daughter's wedding shower...might pull this (or the other way with candles?) idea for lighting!

Sorry I didn't link up this week - it was beyond crazy at work...but I'll be back! Enjoy your road trip!