Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Butterfly Adventure: Hatching Day

This post is late.
Story of my life.

But let me just tell you, last week, I found out that Wilson was ALIVE!
Additionally, he has a couple friends too.

Let me back up.

A couple weeks back, my sweet friend Melissa {that gave me the caterpillars to begin with} texted me telling me her hubby left the chrysalis' outside when he left.
She was gone camping.
I didn't realize he was leaving to get her.
Until 3 days later.

So I drove over to her place and picked up the jar by their door, and the 2 Chrysalis that was in it.
They looked like toast.
They were shriveled looking.
I thought that being in the heat {but NOT the sun} had killed them.
They were NOWHERE near the size of Wilson's chrysalis.
But I took them home and hung them up in the cage.
Only because my kids were going to cry if I threw them out.
I didn't even take pictures, I seriously put zero hope in them.

But we waited.

Then August 11th we woke to find that the two shriveled chrysalis' had produced two small butterflies!

So we enjoyed looking at them while we ate our breakfast.

Then out the door we went to drop Princess at day camp and Hubby at work.
Monkey and I swung into the store to buy oranges and scooted home.

As I was putting orange slices into the cage, we watched as Wilson emerged from his Chrysalis!
It was amazing!

We watched him as his wings unfolded and he gave his new legs a test run!
It was amazing to watch God's new creation in my kitchen!

So now I have 3 butterflies.
Wilson, Rapunzel, and Butsin.

You could probably guess which one each of the kids named.
They're pretty fun.

Hopefully we get some eggs soon.
If ya know what I mean!

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