Friday, September 9, 2011

My Little Miracle

This weekend we are celebrating my Princess' 7th birthday.
I'm not ready for her to be this old yet.
I'm not old enough for her to be this old yet.
{shhhh, I'm not. really!!!}

I mean it wasn't that long ago that she was my little peanut.
And I do mean little.

She entered this world in dramatic fashion.
6 weeks early.
4 pounds 2 ounces.

I was just leaving work and have been having a bit of pain all day.
I worked down the street from the hospital I was going to deliver at, but lived 30 minutes from there.
As a precaution, I'd called L&D to see if I should come in for a UTI.
My doc was impossible to get ahold of, and it was a Saturday night to boot.
My husband was working 45 minutes South of there.

I went to the ER and told them what L&D told me.
To get checked out.

I was filling out paperwork at the desk, when an unfamiliar pop was felt.
I just kept signing paperwork and talking to the worker.
Then I stood up.

Lets just say, I was so scared of what was going on, I tried to convince a MALE NURSE that I had PEED MY PANTS.
Not the most proud moment of my life.

I got upstairs and found that I was at a 3-4cm.
100% effaced.
Princess was bum down.

They checked me 15 minutes later, as I was feeling LOTS of pain now, and I'd dilated to like a 6.
I was going  quick, and my doctor had NOT called back.

Hubby was on his way to the hospital.
It took him 20 minutes from when I called him at the hospital to him getting to me.
Thank you Lord for no cops, and a nice sports car.
Not HIS proudest moment either.

The doc finally called and said that I'm going in for a C-Section.
And he was hurrying to the hospital too.
By the time I'd gotten in for my spinal block, I'd dilated to a 9.
It took me less than 90 minutes.
I wanted to push with all my being.
It hurt SO MUCH.

She emerged and cried.
I cried.
I barely got to see her over the blue cloth they had put up.
They rushed her off to the NICU.
They swung me by the NICU to hold her on the way to my room.

I didn't get to see her again until the next morning.

She spent the first 9 days in the NICU.
She was so small, and eventually decided that eating would be a good idea.
The docs kept trying to find something wrong with her.
But she was perfect.

Once she finally started eating, she wouldn't stop!!
I love a chunky baby, and she was one!!

Now she's my big girl with big attitude.
The dramatics have not stopped, only changed.
She loves playing with her dolls, and enjoys texting her gramma's and aunt.
She's as sweet as pie, and I love her more every day.

Happy Birthday Princess!
I love you!


Miss Angie said...

And pretty to boot!

Happy birthday little Libs! :)

Adrienne said...

Perfectly precious in every way!