Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Pleasant Surprise

Much to my surprise, I opened my Thursday Writing Prompt email from Mama Kat to find that she had featured the guest post from my bestie Christa on the 10 do's and don'ts of flying.
Christa is a flight attendant.
With attitude.

I died.

Then I did a happy dance when I realized that there was going to be more visitors to my quiet little bit of the blog-o-sphere.
This weekend was busy anyways because of the Trixie Scraps Blog Train.
{I have a freebie posted, did you get it?!}

Then, I did another happy dance.
I love new visitors!
{I dream of someday being as cool as Ree from Pioneer Woman}

So, if you're new here, WELCOME!
You should stop back by on Wednesday for my Wishful Wednesday link party!
{right now it's only been me, Angie, and Adrienne, but we'd love more to play with us!}

If you're not new here, well, HI! 
How goes it?
{hi mom!}
^that freaks my mom out when I say hi^

As for me, I'm gonna get crafty this week!
I'm pretty excited.
Princess turns 7 on Sunday.
I've got to get busy!
Have a good day!


Miss Angie said...

Writing prompts this week? Why didn't I get them? Bugger. Can you forward them my way?

Adrienne said...

So fun! Getting my wish ready for tomorrow ~ didn't see Mama Kat's favs from last week in my email - weird. Until tomorrow!