Friday, October 28, 2011

Here comes Halloween

I have been swamped the last 2 weeks.
All my friends and family knew what I was doing.
I was making my kids costumes for Halloween!
This was my first attempt at anything other than small things, and I am so excited to show them to you!

How we got to this point though is I told my sweet Princess, that she could NOT be a princess or fairy for Halloween.
Been there, done that, for the last 2 years.

My son had already decided he was going to be Clark Kent, like this little dude.
{CUTE, right?!}

So we perused Pinterest and found 3 tutorials for an Owl HERE HERE and HERE.
I decided to combine them and I came up with this beauty!

But when the monkey saw how his sisters costume was turning out, he changed his mind like a Utah season.
{for those not familiar, that's quick}
I had a week until it needed to be done.
Due October 28th.
I finished up everything the day before.
Cutting it close, yeah?

Here is monkey in his costume {minus the mask, because it "squeezed"}

I used the templates that came with the second link for the feathers.
Man, this was a LOT of cutting!
I then made wings out of fabric, and sewed the feathers onto them.
My daughter has a zippered hoodie.
My son has just a sweatshirt {and a mask he refuses to wear}

 Both shirts I thrifted.
I bought the felt from Joann.

I have to say I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out.
Especially since these were my first big project, EVER.
I had about 2.5-3 yards of felt for each outfit, although, my son's turned out to require more as I accidentally bought the shirt too big.

So this is what I've been up to the last few weeks.
Now, on to Christmas Gift Making!!!

What plans have you made for Halloween?
Did your costume come from a store {NO shame!} or did you get super creative a couple weeks ago?
Or did you have your costume ready to wear by October 1st.
Now THAT would be awesome!


Miss Angie said...

I pieced mine together. Bought the pretty dress from Torrid, got good makeup from Tailor Maid, Shoes from payless, and I crafted the little hat myself.

Adrienne said...

FANTABULOUS!!! Really, really adorable! I have a friend who scraps with me....her kids are a bit old for this, but her son LOVES owls! Can't wait to show her. Since we were in France during all my kids trick-or-treating years, Halloween is very mellow around here! Way to go with those beautiful costumes!

Holly said...

Those are some amazing costumes!
I too like homemade gives them just a little something extra. I made ours this year, we were Vikings. Miles' was store-bought: a dragon.