Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thankful day 20: Google

I promise you, this is not a paid advertisement.

I am a Google "groupie", for lack of a better word.

Blogger = Google
Gmail = Google email
Google Talk
Android = Google

I use all of those on a regular basis, as in daily.

Right now I'm multi-tasking between a Google doc for my menu planning, Pinterest, and the budget I've created for 2012 in Google docs.

I am regularly checking the family calendar for what's going on today, tomorrow, this week.
I have a widget on my phone that helps me with it.
Hubby and I share a calendar, and whenever anything pops up that will possibly effect the family, it goes onto that calendar.
Hubby knows what I'm doing most days.
He knows when parent teacher conferences are.
When we've got a double date.
When we're watching the kids.
I know when he has to work late.
Or is hanging out with the guys.

What I love most about Docs, is that I can share the documents I've made for our home with my husband.
Our budget is in "the cloud" so if my computer crashes, I still have it.
{I learned this the hard way}
My menu plan and grocery list is in "the cloud" so that if I forget it while I'm out at the store, I can look it up on my phone and still know what I need to get.
There's an app for that.
Our list for Christmas gifts with links and price points?
In the cloud.
Some of our important documents?
Saved in Google docs.
My blog?

Need I go on?

I seriously could not fathom any other way to do things at this important, busy, productive point in my life.
Today, as I sit here menu planning, budgeting, and scheduling, I'm thankful for the services Google provides.

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