Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful day 23: Freedom & Possibilities

Honestly, we live in a land of Freedom and Possibilities.
Many people around the world do not share the same freedoms that we do.
They don't get the opportunity to seek out their favorite activity, hobby, or passion.

Today I'm thankful for those people that make those freedoms possible.

While you're at home tomorrow, having turkey with family and/or friends, please remember those who serve our country that are not with those that they love.
They are stationed overseas or in another state.
They cannot make the trek either because a lack of funds, or the lack of ability due to their commitment.
Keep them in your prayers.
They are the reason that you are able to live freely and passionately in this country.
Thank you to those that have served, will serve, and are serving our country.
Thank you to those that will be missing someone this holiday season around your dinner table, because they made the ultimate sacrifice for me and my family.
Thank you.