Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In Memory...

This past week has been overly stressful for my hubby.
For all of us.

Just this last Saturday Hubby got a phone call from his dad.
This happens every Saturday, so I figured it wasn't going to be such a life changer.
Until I saw my husband almost collapse.

His aunt and uncle were involved in a house fire.
It was fast and out of control.


Uncle Bill didn't make it.
Aunt Janis is in ICU for severe burns.
There was no telling what would happen next.

We continued on with life that day, but mostly in a state of shock.
We signed paperwork to further our steps as homeowners.
We took care of our kids basic needs.
We took naps.
We went to church and served.

We cried our ever lovin' hearts out.

Aunt Janis is going to be traveling a hard road.
My heart aches for her.
So far, she's doing okay, but she's still critical.

Uncle Bill.
The look of the man scared you to bits.
Over 6 feet tall, and hair everywhere, you were intimidated.
At least I was when I first met him.

It was almost dark in rural Wyoming.
We'd just pulled up to "the Bunker" to begin our extended family vacation.
{yes, that is a picture of the front of the bunker/house}
If WWIII hits, this is where hubby and I are heading.

Uncle Bill was standing in the garage, and light was coming from behind him, and like I said, it was dark otherwise.
I was slightly overwhelmed, but I figured that if my hubby trusted him, I had to.

I had a fun time in that interesting abode.
I shot my first gun at a rabbit {and missed}.
{sidenote: My hubby is a hottie!}

I realized what an organizational nut I am while I was there.
We had no tv, we barely had videos, so I spent time organizing cabinets.
Bill thought that was hilarious!
I was bored!
Princess was playing with her cousins while her aunt watched.

It was his man cave, and he graciously opened its doors for us to visit with all the chaos and kids.
He didn't talk much, but when he did, you listened.
He was a big bear with a soft heart.

Man we look like a bunch of rednecks....I think we aimed for
Uncle Bill is on the far right, Aunt Janis is next to him.

Fast forward a year and half, we took the kids out to Bill and Janis' home in California for Christmas.
We stayed for a week at a home in Pismo Beach with Dave's dad and we'd drive down to their house to visit.
It was so much fun.
He took us all out to lunch at a BBQ joint he used to own.
He made sure that we had kitchen sink burritos for breakfast.
Yes, kitchen sink burritos.
If you couldn't taste the cilantro, Uncle Bill didn't make them.
They had whatever he had in the fridge. good!
He loved to cook, and loved having people eat his food and enjoy it.

I'm so sad that he is gone.
I'm so sad it ended this way.
Love you Bill!


Adrienne said...

oh, so very sorry to hear this awful news. Will keep all of you in my prayers.

Holly said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine how his poor wife must be feeling. Prayers to her, and all of you in this tough time.

Miss Angie said...

My heart goes out to them. Tell Dave I'm sending good energy and prayers his way.

Alyssa said...

I am so sorry to hear this. A reminder that only God knows the time and day and that our lives are so fragile. Praying for you guys.

Sell WoW Accounts said...

such a tragic event. my prayers goes out to him and i hope your aunt janis will recover fast