Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Laundry Tips I love!

In the last 6 months I have become quite strict regarding my laundry routine.
It is not uncommon that at least once during the month that I will have ALL the laundry clean, folded, and put away!
Minus the pieces we are actually wearing that day.
Any other time of the month, I usually only have a 2 to 3 loads to do everyday. It's mostly because one or two days a week I decide to be "lazy" and not do the load, or someone has an accident at night.

I know I've been gone for 3 months {wow!} and life has been kindof crazy around here and doesn't look like it's letting up at all. 
But, I thought that I'd pipe up with my method to tackle the madness.

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Tip #1: Don't give up. 
I know laundry is daunting and never ending. You have piles every day. It is annoying as all get out. If you stay on top of it, and do at LEAST one load a day, you CAN and WILL make a difference! If you can even squeeze the energy to do two loads in a day, even better!

Tip #2: Don't sweat the small stuff.
I know I'm going to get some finger wagging at me {especially by my mom} but I honestly do not separate my loads into "whites", "darks", "lights" UNLESS it is something new and has never been washed before. I don't want a brand new red shirt turning hubby's white tee into a pink nightmare. I do however throw in a white dish towel to find out if said item bled at all. If it doesn't, off it goes into the regular rotation the next go around.
Delicates are thrown into pillowcases I keep in the laundry room just for washing. Throw it in the case, tie it in a knot, throw it in the wash.
So, throw it all together unless it bleeds. I have not ruined anything by doing this.
I wash everything with cold water and I never iron anything. If it needs ironing, it's not mine, it's hubby's. He does his own. *wink*

Tip #3: Folding & Putting away
I fold my laundry as I pull it out of the dryer. I have 2 baskets on top of my dryer.
Me & hubby and then one for the kids.
I place the items in the appropriate basket as it is folded and I hang up everything that needs hanging. I have the hangers on a rod in the laundry room and just keep it going. Once or twice a week I take the baskets and unload them in the bedrooms and then put them back.

Tip #4: Vinegar
This is one of my newest steps that I've started thanks to something I saw on Pinterest.
Instead of using fabric softener, I've started putting vinegar in my Downy ball. It disinfects everything, none of our clothes smell of vinegar, and I've even noticed the oil stains are disappearing from our napkins! Also, not to forget that a big bottle of vinegar runs you about $2 and you get more than in a bottle of $4 fabric softener!

Tip #5: Tin Foil
Sounds crazy right? But I get tired of being shocked as I fold the laundry. It's annoying. So I started putting a small ball of tinfoil into the dryer with the clothes. I don't get a new one every time, I actually have had the one I'm using today for over a week. It pulls the static out. I still have my Downy dryer bar in there for the smell, but for static, I won't ever use anything else again! It's amazing! I cannot wait to see how this works in the dry Utah winters!

Well, that's it for me. How are you guys?

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Washboard said...

Love tip #1. Never give up! My laundry definitely never seems to end. As soon as I finish one load another is looming in the corner waiting for wash. Thanks for these great tips.