Monday, February 28, 2011

Black Eyed Peas & a Birthday Shout Out!

First I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dad!
Love you Daddy!!!!!!!

I've been jamming to Black Eyed Peas while packing and cleaning. I find that some serious dance music helps me stay motivated and also helps my speed in doing said chores.

It's also helping me take my mind off all the crazy 140 character possibilities that I'm not able to post.

So for your listening pleasure, here is a mash up. I have some love for this song...mostly because of the happy vibes I get a la Dirty Dancing.

Hope you have a fantastic time jammin'

Much love!

This post was prompted, inspired and otherwise was brought to fruition by a meme at
My So-Called Chaos

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Miss Angie said...

Wow! That's an interesting mash up! :)

Thanks for participating.