Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Checker Shark

This kid kills me.

He's super fun and sweet.
But he'll turn on you in an instant if you upset him.
{who doesn't?!}
His sister taught him to play checkers.
He is decent for his age.
I mean, how many 3.5 year olds play checkers?
And actually know the rules?!
{there may be more, but he's the only one I know!}

Don't take my picture mom.
It's your turn.
Go already!

Well, since I can't get you to stop, I should make you laugh.
Do you notice how many pieces of mine he has?
I sometimes go easy on him.
Other times I take his tail.
It's still a learning experience right?

One nice one.
But that is it!
He is soooo cute!

Anyone up to coming over and helping me finish up packing?
I didn't think so.
Happy Wednesday anyways!

Today's post is inspired by the beautiful Alysha at Supermom
Wordish Wednesday