Thursday, March 3, 2011

My 10 Must Haves for Spring!

Mama Kat this week asked what are 10 our our Spring Must Haves!
Because I'm a sucker for a list, and also for anything new, I figured I should play along and show you all what pretty {and functional} things I'm after.
Most of them are just pretty.
A few are functional.
All are linked to where I got my images from.
Including some Etsy sellers.

I am not one for jewelry. I have had babies that pull and tug for probably 5 of the 7 years of being a mom. So I gave up on jewelry. But I would wear it for this! LOVE this pendant. I'm a sucker for damask.

I'm also a sucker for an adorable skirt or dress. I love the line and shape of this. The bow at the waste and the black band at the bottom. Seriously stunning.

Last spring my dad and mom gave me some beautiful irises to plant in my garden. Since we are moving, I'm taking some with me to put in my big ol' pot.
I LOVE looking at them.
I'm also a big green thumb. And the flower pots at Ikea have always screamed my name. I love their clean look. I will be growing herbs this year. Yes indeed!

This book is AWESOME. I checked it out from the library before, and just haven't gotten around to buying it. But I need to. The idea for the making bread is genius. And simple. And oh so yummy!
I am in LOVE with these boots. Completely outrageous at $350 *gasp* but oh so beautiful. My girlfriend is getting married in the late summer, and all her bridesmaids are wearing boots. We just get to choose which ones. I wish I had the money to make it these ones.
Yes Really.
Is it damask? Then I'll love it. Is it pink too? SOLD. LOVE this laptop sleeve. I really do need one, but where do I take my laptop between my desk and couch? Nowhere else. Usually.
With our move, and the sale of one of our 2 cars, D and I are learning that we need to probably purchase a second mode of transportation. We really like the idea of bikes for each of us. {the kids already have some} He works so close to home, D could walk or bike. And I'd love to be able to go somewhere if he had to take the car. Totally a great solution.

For the kiddos when biking to our destination is just too far.

Lastly, I'd like this room. Wrapped in a bow and dropped off for me at my new house. All of it. The paint, the bright bursts of color. Every little thing.
Young House Love is a new blog obsession of mine. Oh goodness, I love reading what they are doing with their home.

There is my list of things I'm drooling over. I'll probably snap up the bike and trailer and of course the pots, but the rest of the list will have to wait until I have money for myself.

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