Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 1 of 21: My partner in weight loss

I have an Android phone.
It goes EVERYWHERE with me.

It is my tool of choice to help me in my 21 day Lifestyle Change journey.

I want to encourage you as well to find a device or something that can help you too.

So, so why my phone?

I love me some apps.

I'm listing below {and linking of course} to my favorite apps in the Android Market that will help me along the way.
Best part?
Most of them are FREE.
That's a price I can't argue with.

You cannot go for a jog, or work out to Jillian Michael's 30-day shred without music.
This app allows you to listen to anything you like, and of course, syncs with your computer for when you're blogging/surfing Facebook/using Pinterest.

Drinking water every day is CRITICAL for weightloss.
It helps boost your metabolism, and keeps you hydrated and energized for all those sweaty moments.
It also helps clear up your skin.
This app will remind you to drink water.
You can customize it to how much you should drink {I'm doing 11 8oz glasses} and the timeframe from which you want to do that in.
I've been using it for a week.
My water drinking is UP.

This is a fun little widget for your phone.
It tells you how many days until a set date.
21 days.
June 10th?
It's good for motivation.

Need daily inspiration?
Want to set up a Bible reading plan?
I really like the YouVersion app.
I admit, haven't been using it like I could, but I plan on it now.
I'm such a book in hand kind of girl.
And my margins in my Bible are totally marked up.
So I'll use this app along with my Bible.
This app has reading plans such as Food, Clothing, Drugs & Alcohol, and Hope.
Plus tons of others.
I'm going to start with Food.
We'll see what else I explore.

I've used this app a few times, and it can be kindof complicated, but I like it.
Start it before you go on your jog or walk.
It keeps track of where you went, how fast you went and how far it was.
Then you can export the info to Google Docs.
It will run while you listen to music too.
I really like this as it helps keep track of everything I need to help me succeed at reaching my 5K goals, and to following the Couch to 5k Program.

Speaking of which, I had this Couch to 5k App on my iPhone.
I really liked it.
I'll probably buy it for my Android, since the prompts are PERFECT and will help me out.

I used to have Calorie Counter on my phone too.
It helped me keep track of what I was eating, how much exercise I got, and how much water I was drinking.
I really liked it, but for some reason I quit using it and so I uninstalled it.
I'll be re-installing it today.
I actually lost 5 pounds in 3 weeks while using it.
The hard part is most of my meals I put in were estimates, as I don't have a scale.
{should I buy one?}

So, those are the apps I use on my phone the most.
I think they can help you too.
Well, I hope they can.

And no, I wasn't paid by Google or any of these apps developers to show them off.
I wish.

What apps have you found for your Android or iPhone to help you out on your weight loss journey?

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meghan said...

Awesome apps! Thanks for sharing!! Love that Calorie counter!!