Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 5: It's really unimaginable....

It's no lie, I'm a HUGE fan of Disneyland.
After taking our kids this past March I have been wanting to go back.
It has only been 2 months.

So, when my sweet friend Amy texted me Sunday night about a race at the Happiest Place on Earth, I knew I must do this race.

You see, Disney World has had a marathon and half marathon and even 5k races IN THE PARK for a long time now.
While I love the idea, I was not set on spending all the money to get there.
But for some reason, when Amy got all excited about the new race in Disneyland, so did I.
So why is this "unimaginable"?
I have never ever ever EVER said I'd do a half marathon.
In fact a few of my awesome and amazing super athletic friends ran a half last weekend.
One of them even ran the full marathon.
I just smiled.
"I'll never want to do a half or full marathon," I said.

Famous last words.

So will I be jogging with Tink in January?
Not hardly.
I'm not ready in any way to think about doing this in 6 months.
However, Amy, Christa and I will probably plan for January of 2013.
Provided those newlyweds don't end up knocked up.
Both of them are getting married this year.
Not that I'd be upset at them, they can come and cheer me on in my insanity.
I'll just jog with their husbands instead.
So there.
*sticks out tongue*

In the meantime, I need to get my butt moving for a 5k, and work up to a half marathon next June.
Maybe I'll endure the insanity that is the Ogden half.
Yeah...maybe not.
I guess we'll just see.

But I will NEVER EVER do a full blown Marathon.
You must be nuts!

I'm sure I'll eat my words some day.

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Miss Angie said...

Yikes, marathons.. I wish I had that drive, but they do not sound fun to me.