Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last minute...

One of my best friends is getting married.
All 4 of us are in the wedding line.
My daughter as an "Honorary Bridesmaid".
My son is the ring bearer.
Hubs and I just get to stand there and smile, because we've been through it all with these two.

Both of them are flight attendants, and so they are gone a few days every week.
Sometimes more.
This has made it tricky, especially for the bride, to get things done.

Now that she's home until well after the wedding and honeymoon, we finally have time to sit down and work on the guest book.
She and I loved the idea that we found on Pinterest which originated from Martha Stewart Living.
{I told you I was addicted to Pinterest}

So we decided to do a very personalized version.
We're making a coffee table book.
We started with 11 days to go till the wedding.
We are doing this together.
We're not done yet.
We have 8 days left.

All the photos will be added to the book after the wedding.
She wants to use at least some of those photos for it.

The idea is that everyone signs on their birthday &/or their anniversary.
It's not confined to one year.
There is no Monday through Sunday.
She can browse through it for every month and make sure her cards are ready to go and sent.
There will be pockets in between the pages to put cards into.
Or whatever else she wants.
She loves the personality of it all.
Like I said, we are not done.
But I want to show you what we have so far.

Here is the cover, and the whole book when it's closed.

I still have stitching to do on some of the pages.
Like April's.

I love how creative I've gotten to be with paper scrapping.
It's hard for me to paper scrap, since I can use so many different things digitally to make a page look amazing.

We have several months that don't have the calendar portion yet.
But the ones we do have, are amazing.
October's is my favorite.
The bride got super creative here.

This project is organized chaos.

We still have programs to work on too, but we'll save that for next week.
After all of us girls head up into the canyon to go camping this weekend.
Then we'll get back to work.
This book should be done by Friday.

So what do you think?
Do you think we're nuts?
Do you like it?
Any suggestions on what to add?

I used Mama Kat's Writing prompts generator to help me today.

I was going to show you all anyways.
I just probably would have waited till it was done.
I'm glad I didn't.

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I think that's just adorable!