Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wishful Wednesday!

Hello lovelies!

This week I've been finding myself sucked more and more into Pinterest.
As if that was possible.
More like I'm spending too much time there.

But really I want to do some crafty stuff!
I just have a hard time starting a project and then being interrupted.
So I don't start anything!

So my wish today is to get crafty!

I need a bed skirt like I need air.
And this idea is PERFECT for our bed since we have monkeys.

I could use a sewing machine cover.
Okay, I just love the bright fabric.
But a sewing machine cover would be nice to have.

I made one of these for my sons birthday, and I want to make something similar for my daughter.
Seriously, it's going to be awesome!

And honestly, I'm spending money on snack bags anyways, I might as well make some to re-use, yes?

I think that's enough inspiration to get my mind going.
What are you wishing for today?

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Feel free to play along!
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See you next time!


Adrienne said...

Love all those bright colored fabrics! And I do love crafts of all kinds!

Here's my wish for today:

Love thinking about what I wish for!

Miss Angie said...

I need to get excited and make things-it's been too long!

That bed skirt, reusable bags, and sewing machine cover are cute!

Where's your linky?